Our Service

Being a pioneer in the education sector, we are bound to provide the best possible career counselling and guidance services and consultation to our clients, basically students and their parents.

So on this page, we are going to enlist and explain all of our services, which we provide to students.

Following are the list of services, provided by us :
  • Free Career Counselling and guidance Session (15 mins.) (FREE CAREER COUNSELLING AND GUIDANCE ONLINE )
  • Paid Counselling Session with Industry Experts
    1. Goal Setting
    2. Admission Alerts Subscription
    3. Previous Year Papers
    4. Mental Counselling Session from Professionals
    5. Parental Counselling for Parents
    6. Regular Checks at student’s test performance
  • Proposal for different colleges and courses
  • College Visit with Counsellor
  • Guidance for Admission
  • Admission Procedures Completion
  • Loan Assistance with our partner banks (if needed)
  • Hostel Guidance

Due to the students who can’t afford our premium paid counselling, we came up with free counselling sessions for everyone. It’s a free service which any student preparing for any exam, any stream, any course in any corner of India, is eligible to take up.

In this, we ask the student to fill a basic form on our website, asking about details like Name, Phone No, Email, and the preferred time of the call.

Then after, our executive will be calling the student for the duration of 15 mins. In this call, the executive will guide the student about different career options, course choices, and colleges along with the career counselling and guidance for admissions in government and private colleges( Top Private Colleges in Bangalore).

Launched in 2015, Paid Counselling session is our most appreciated service by students and parents. This is our premium service wherein we offer a lot of services in just a minimal cost of Rs. 599/-.

In this service, we arrange 1 hr. phone call with the experts in the education sector. It all starts with a dream, so first of all the counselor will help the student in a proper Goal Setting.

After Goal Setting, the student will be guided about different types of courses available, matching with his/her interest. After this, guidance will also be provided for colleges offering that course in India or abroad.

Apart from these all counselling and guidance, some complimentary services are also offered by us to students going for our Paid Counselling

Session. Like we are offering a 1hr. Call to parents for Parental Counselling. This parental call will also be free of cost.

As sometimes in our society, students aren’t asked for their choice of course or career and forced by parents for their choice of course. So we at youradmissionguru came up with a unique concept of Parental Counselling.

Not all but few students feel problem in sharing things regarding their career openly with their parents. Also, Parents also have doubts that whether their child is making the right decision or not. So our experts will be taking a particular session for the parents for this issue and will try to clear all the doubts of the parents.

Also, the students will be offered several other complementary services like Exam Alerts Subscription, where every student registered by us will get regular SMS updates regarding different Application Forms, their deadlines, and other important stuff.

We provide you with the list of the top-notch institutes and different courses you fit for in the Counselling session itself. After which, the student is given choice for the college and course, he/she wants to go in.

Also, we contact the college administration regarding student’s marks and details. Our executive will visit the college on behalf of student for direct admission through management quota.

After getting approval from the college, we come up with the exact fees structure along with the discount/scholarship in fees of college if possible. Since our inception, our prime motto has always been that “Quality Education for all”.

So we are always bound to provide genuine Education Consultancy Services and guidance for direct admission through management quota.

After the discussion of fees and scholarships, we call students along with their parents, to our head office in Bangalore ( Direct Admission in Bangalore ). Here in our head office, a counselor will be assigned to the student.

Then the student, parents, and counselor will visit our partner institution, of student’s choice. There, the college administration will have a meeting with the student and parents. Student’s 2nd PU/Class 12th marks will be verified.

College and hostels are shown to the student. After this again the student and parents will come back to our office for the next day’s admission procedure discussion.

We will provide you with the complete details regarding the admission procedure like which documents are required and where to go for a particular work. And will provide you with complete details of all the admission procedures that are going to take place.

Also, our counselor will accompany the student through all admission procedure. And at any point, if the need arises then our helpline team will be there 24X7 for help of students, even after admissions are done.

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